CUE Organises Manchester Hall's Launch Party!

CUE organised client Manchester Hall's official launch party. Read all about it here...

The CUE Team have been working with client Manchester Hall for over two years during their refurbishment. Thursday 2nd November marked their official opening and CUE Marketing organised the lavish launch party to set Manchester Hall as Manchester’s newest, weddings, events and conferences venue.

Guests were first invited via RSVP email, where a gif of a ‘secret eye’ was sent, this was designed by CUE Marketing. Following their RSVP, invitees were then sent special keys to unlock ‘Manchester's best kept secret.’ The captivating design resembles the atmosphere of Manchester Hall - elegance.  The invitation was composed of enticing wording and attached was a vintage looking key with gold ribbon to mimic the venue’s gold and blue branding colours.


The event, organised by CUE Marketing was a huge success with a large turn out. The aim of the evening was not only to ensure guests enjoyed their time, but to also promote the building as multi functional. With over 11 function rooms inside, we made sure that guests were shown a ‘secret’ behind each door and the CUE team were on hand to ensure that all events ran smoothly. The second floor housed many of the popular rooms, many of them sponsored by well known brands such as: Ciroc, Moet, House of Fraser, Philip Armstrong, Scene My Event, Maverick Models and Look Beyond Me. 


The Goulburn Lodge was home to an exclusive video and set up of a Freemason initiation. This links to the secrecy element of the launch as full knowledge of Freemason history is so often concealed.


Behind the doors of the Goulburn lay Hacienda DJ Graeme Park, who provided the music for the ‘bride and groom’ as they glided across the floor for their first dance. Guests were then surprised when a ‘Flash Mob’ began in which dancers who wore the same outfits as the Manchester Hall waiters transformed, joining the couple for a dance.

Inside ‘The Museum,’ models strutted down a golden catwalk wearing clothing provided by sponsor House of Fraser. Guests were given tasty beverages provided by sponsor Ciroc.


Guests were then guided into ‘The Library’ room and were shocked to see it decorated with delicate flowers. Models were posted on a variety of clear platforms wearing Philip Armstrong clothing, a well known celebrity designer. Television star Shobna Gulati was in attendance wearing a green two piece by the designer.  



The CUE team had a fantastic time at the event and are proud to have organised such a large and unique launch party. For business enquiries please contact us on: